Test-patternHi, I’m Aleks Berland, and I am a Toronto based 3D animator, filmmaker, art director, and new media content creator.

I have over 17 years experience working as an artist and animator in film, television, the arts, as well as designing, developing, and consulting in interactive medias. 

I can help bring your story to life, animate your product or idea, and ultimately, kick your production into gear with technical prowess as well as creative fuel.   I can also help you design and develop immersive entertaining content for your customers or creative project using cutting edge media technologies.

I wear many a hat, but I tie it all together with methods of creativity across mediums. In my work I try to focus on storytelling while massaging the technology to serve us more sublimely. Maybe that sounds a bit ‘ambitious’, but, hey.. we all gotta have dreams!


I currently, I offer my services by contract.
I am available to begin new work as soon as March 2014.


You can Hire me to do things like:

  • Create original animations from soup to nuts (Concepts, Storyboards, Art Direction, Production, Post-production) for your story, advertisement, product demo, corporate video, architectural visualization projects, etc.

  • Create original illustrations and characters for your publication, company, advertising or concept development needs..

  • Create 3D renders or visualizations of your product or architectural visualization project

  • Provide Art Direction, Technical consultation, and original concept work for your project, commercial, or short film

  • Manage & mentor Junior artists and designers on large scale, AAA projects.

  • Create an original character, logo, website design, or branding bible.

  • Create an original website design and develop it in HTML5, for your band, shop, product, company, or organization.

  • Create Technical pipelines and workflows for 3d and animation projects. Solve workflow problems and develop original scripts for production.

If you wish to inquire about my availability, rates, or would like to see some  specific examples of my work in the area of your project, please send me an email (There is  contact form in this pages’s left side bar)